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Newtonian mechanics covers the discussion of the movement of classical bodies under the influence of forces by making use of Newton’s three laws. For more general concepts, use [classical-mechanics]. For Newton’s description of gravity, use [newtonian-gravity].

1 vote
1 answer

What are some good resources for learning how to apply vectors in physics?

Although I don't have any problems with vectors when using them in Mathematics but I am having a hard time using them in physics. It is really frustrating me. Can you please recommend me some good res …
-1 votes
2 answers

Explain what happens to object in lift [closed]

In the following image,three cases have been mentioned. $N$ is the normal force acting on the object inside the lift and $mg$ is the force of attraction due to gravity. In case 1, $N = mg$. In case …
2 votes

Why is only angular momentum conserved for a planet and not linear momentum?

That's because there's the force of gravity acting in the planet. Since there's a net force acting on the planet, its velocity changes which means its linear momentum changes. In fact, the absolute va …