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Applies to questions of primarily educational value - not only questions that arise from actual homework assignments, but any question where it is preferable to guide the asker to the answer rather than giving it away outright. Please READ THE GUIDANCE IN META before asking homework-like questions.

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1 answer

Ball thrown in a moving train [duplicate]

A ball is thrown upward in a train moving with a constant velocity. Where will it land? My intuition tells me that the ball will fall at my back. But my book says that it will return back to the …
2 votes

Angle of minimum deviation

To get the incidence angle for minimum deviation($\theta$), apply Snell's law for the two refractions and eliminate the unknown angles of refraction(use $r_1 + r_2 = A$) to get relation between $i_1$, …
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2 answers

Explain what happens to object in lift [closed]

In the following image,three cases have been mentioned. $N$ is the normal force acting on the object inside the lift and $mg$ is the force of attraction due to gravity. In case 1, $N = mg$. In case …