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Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is the theoretical framework describing the quantisation of classical fields which allows a Lorentz-invariant formulation of quantum mechanics. QFT is used both in high energy physics as well as condensed matter physics and closely related to statistical field theory. Use this tag for many-body quantum-mechanical problems and the theory of particle physics. Don’t combine with the [quantum-mechanics] tag.

0 votes

What is paramagnetic current-current correlation?

The correct derivation for this is that $$ j^A_\mu = \frac{\delta S}{\delta A_\mu}$$ where the action is indeed for this minimal coupling Hamiltonian. You can 'prove' this is the correct Hamiltonian t …
3 votes

Emergent supersymmetry in tricritical Ising model

The best reference I know of for recognizing the `dilute Ising model', or the Blume-Capel model as it is referred to, is Chapter 14.3 in Mussardo's Statistical Field Theory Text book. The basic steps …