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Questions related to the perception and measurement of light (primarily in the visible range), its mathematical description, the reproduction of colors by different means, color combinations, etc. Please use the tag [electromagnetic-radiation] if you want to refer to the general form of light.

0 votes

Calculating lens focal point and size for head mounted display

I'm not sure where your actual, physical screen is, but let's assume that it is 1 cm to the right of the lens. That means you have a negative image distance. The simple equation for this is 1/f=1/p+ …
  • 1,861
0 votes

Why does light travel in a straight line and not rotate with us due to gravity?

The effect of the Earth's gravity on light is way too tiny to care for most purposes. Using a classical calculation to get the size of things without …
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0 votes

Electrons emitting photons. Real life example?

I recommend taking a look at this article. And then this article
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2 votes

Has everyone been drawing EM light waves wrongly this whole time?

Electric and magnetic fields are actually two parts of a matrix called the 'electromagnetic field tensor'. It's what we use when we treat electricity and magnetism relativistically. One thing that f …
  • 1,861