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Gravity is an attractive force that affects and is effected by all mass and - in general relativity - energy, pressure and stress. Prefer newtonian-gravity or general-relativity if sensible.

9 votes

Can a planet cover the whole sky as seen from its satellite

If the planet and satellite are perfect spheres, or any convex shape then the answer is NO. If the planet is close to the satellite and you stand on the point nearest to it then you will only be able …
4 votes

Breaking ocean waves on other planets possible?

Stronger gravity would modify the speed and height of the waves but if the wind is strong enough and the oceans big enough for the wind to stir the waves up, then there should still be breaking waves. …
5 votes

Why are trajectories in General Relativity speed-dependant?

The trajectories are worldlines in 4D spacetime, not just paths in 3D space. They maximise proper time along the trajectory. They do not minimise distance along the curve traced through space. An obje …
0 votes

Energy of gravitation

"If gravitational energy is meaningless in general relativity ..." This is a false premise. Gravitational energy can be understood perfectly well in general relativity. The problem is just that many …
10 votes

Why does no physical energy-momentum tensor exist for the gravitational field?

It is true that no energy-momentum tensor for the gravitational field exists, however, it is easy to understand why not and then derive a perfectly correct formulation for conservation of energy and m …
4 votes

Negative potential energy of gravity

You are talking about relativity and gravity together so the question can only be answered in the context of general relativity, but concepts like gravitational potential energy and gravitational force … The statement about the force getting less with distance does not really make sense but the non-linear self interaction of gravity with itself certainly modifies the interaction leading to effects such …
2 votes

Surface tension of N non-mixing fluids

This is a very complex problem to solve so you will probably want to start with some simplifying assumptions such as N=2 to make it more tractable. You will be looking for a minimum energy solution wh …