#Earth System Physics

## by Charlie Zender 
provides a set of [Freely Available Community Texts][4] related to earth system physics, all published under the [GNU Free Document License][5]:

**1. [Radiative Transfer in the Earth System][1]** 

**2. [Natural Aerosols in the Climate System][2]**

**3. [Particle Size Distributions: Theory and Application to Aerosols, Clouds, and Soils][3]**

##by Robert Stewart
open source, accepting contributions:

**[Introduction to Physical Oceanography][6]**

[1]: http://dust.ess.uci.edu/facts/rt/rt.pdf

[2]: http://dust.ess.uci.edu/facts/aer/aer.pdf

[3]: http://dust.ess.uci.edu/facts/psd/psd.pdf

[4]: http://dust.ess.uci.edu/facts

[5]: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html

[6]: http://oceanworld.tamu.edu/resources/ocng_textbook/contents.html