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models of higher Chern-Simons type

It has long been clear that (the action functional of) Chern-Simons theory has various higher analogs and variations of interest. This includes of course traditional higher dimensional Chern-Simons theory (abelian and non-abelian) as well as the algebroid-version: the Courant-sigma model, but also seemingly more remote systems such as string field theory (and hence essentialy also its effective truncations), a fact that is already somewhat remarkable.

In a recent article we claimed that there is a systematic sense in which also all AKSZ sigma-models are special cases of a general abstract notion of "infinity-Chern-Simons theory". These AKSZ models include, in turn, also the Poisson sigma-model (hence also the A-model and the B-model). Also BF-theory coupled to topological Yang-Mills theory fits in.

Therefore in a precise sense all these systems are examples of a single underlying basic mechanism. My question is: can you point out other models of interest in the literature (or in your drawer) that look like they might be "of generalized Chern-Simons type", along these lines? (I am not just looking, say, for "Chern-Simons term"-summands in higher supergravity actions, even though these are related, but for example new variants of full higher dimensional Chern-Simons (super)gravity.)

For instance: has there been a proposal for a nonabelian 7-dimensional Chern-Simons-type model that might be the holographic partner to the self-dual nonabelian 6d (2,0)-superconformal QFT (so that the state spaces of the former are the conformal blocks of the latter)? While we did come across a natural non-abelian 7-dimensional Chern-Simons type TQFT whose fields are string-2-connections (here), I am not sure how to see if this might be the relevant one. Do you?