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Can stellar wind cause a star to have a Bimodial Radiation spectrum?

Most stars emit Stellar wind, so more then others. Some stars such as Eta Carinae emit enough stellar wind (0.001 solar masses a year) that most of the radiation they emit will be absorbed and re-...
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What is stellar wind in laymans terms and how angular momentum from the star gets transferred to the stellar wind?

The stellar wind ejected by stars is a plasma (i.e., charged) and thus can and does interact with the star's magnetic field. This transfers angular momentum from the star to the stellar wind.
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Aurora Effect from Galactic Wind?

The Solar Wind creates auroras due to interactions with Earth's Magnetic Field. Do we witness any similar effects from the Galactic Wind interaction with the Sun's Magnetic Field?
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How the mass loss rate by stellar wind is calculated for massive stars?

I have been searching for some examples about the different rates at which massive stars lose their mass by stellar wind, but I haven't been able to get anything other for the sun. To be more ...
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Mass loss in Red Giants via dusty-winds and chromosphere activity

I'm reading some literature on mass loss in the RGB/AGB branches and so far I'm getting a lot of information regarding mass loss via dusty-winds/pulsations but almost no explanation of mass loss by '...
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Stellar winds from neutron stars

It seems that this question has not really been explored in the literature. Do isolated neutron stars (which do not accrete material) emit stellar wind? If yes, what composition would it have? If yes, ...
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