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How many five-fold axes in a quasi-crystal?

For simplicity, let us consider the 2D case. Suppose O is a five-fold axis or point. If $P_0$ is another five-fold axis, then by the rotation symmetry around O, we can get in total five five-fold axes,...
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Do quasicrystals exhibit topological order?

According to the book Quantum Information meets Quantum Matter, ordered phases can either be described by a Landau free energy: symmetry-breaking ordered phases; or there are different ways in which ...
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Are quasicrystals always self-similar?

The diffraction patterns of quasicrystals very often display self-similarity ie. similarity under length scaling, thus relating them to fractals. My question is: Do they always display self-...
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Quasiperiodicity of the Fibonacci chain

I am interested in finding an intuitive way to show that the Fibonacci chain is quasiperiodic (and not simply random). Or put differently, how can I tell from just looking at a given chain whether or ...
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Is there a quasicrystal whose properties don't change with any amount of rotation about a specific axis?

Suppose you have a quasicrystal where each layer has the wall paper group of a square tiling and is the same as the layer below it except that layer is rotated counterclockwise from the previous layer ...
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What is the the real world interpretation of the high dimensionality of quasicrystals?

One of the examples of the problems of 5-fold symmetry is that pentagons tiled on a 2D plane do not completely fill that plane, leaving voids. This may be solved by "folding" it into 3D space, and ...
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Quasicrystals - Projections from higher dimensional regular crystal lattices

Why are quasicrystals projections from higher dimensional regular crystal lattices? See for example wikipedia: »Mathematically, quasicrystals have been shown to be derivable from a general ...
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Why do we still get sharp scattering spots with quasi-crystal?

In a quasi-crystal, there is no translational invariance. This means there is no delta-function in the Fourier transform. But to get a sharp scattering spot, we need a delta function. Physically, ...
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Why do quasicrystals have well-defined Fourier transforms?

I was recently reading about quasicrystals, and I was really surprised to learn that even though they do not have a periodic structure, and only have long range order in a very different sense to the ...
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Literature on fractal properties of quasicrystals

At the seminar where the talk was about quasicrystals, I mentioned that some results on their properties remind the fractals. The person who gave the talk was not too fluent in a rigor mathematics ...
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Phonons in non-crystalline media

Do sound waves in a gas consist of phonons? What about a glass? Or other non-crystalline materials such as quasicrystals? How does the lack of translational symmetry affect the quantization of the ...
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