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What exactly is KAM stability and how can I determine if an orbit is KAM stable or not?

I have been working on the three-body problem lately and came across KAM stability. I read that KAM stability generally means that the solution is stable at different initial conditions (that of ...
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How many five-fold axes in a quasi-crystal?

For simplicity, let us consider the 2D case. Suppose O is a five-fold axis or point. If $P_0$ is another five-fold axis, then by the rotation symmetry around O, we can get in total five five-fold axes,...
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Solving Schrodinger Equation for scattering off a periodic potential

I am interesting in solving the time-independent Schrodinger equation (TISE) for the scenario where we have an electron plane wave of fixed energy incident upon a potential that is infinite and ...
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What is quasi-periodic motion? [closed]

I'm currently 2nd year physics student (undergraduate). I have seminar which theme is double pendulum. I'm having trouble understanding quasi-periodic motion in general and more importantly in context ...
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Minimal dynamical system with quasiperiodic oscillations

What is a minimal, explicit dynamical system (as in, a series of coupled ordinary differential equations) that exhibits quasiperiodic oscillations for some region of parameter space? Two coupled Van ...
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Estimate of the period of noisy "event counting" data

I have a set of experimental data, which come from a periodical event. More specifically, these are detections from a single photon detector, so there is no intensity, I only have the timestamps of ...
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Are quasicrystals always self-similar?

The diffraction patterns of quasicrystals very often display self-similarity ie. similarity under length scaling, thus relating them to fractals. My question is: Do they always display self-...
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Quasiperiodicity of the Fibonacci chain

I am interested in finding an intuitive way to show that the Fibonacci chain is quasiperiodic (and not simply random). Or put differently, how can I tell from just looking at a given chain whether or ...
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Quasiperiodic dynamics of a System

i understand that, periodic behavior is defined as recurring at regular intervals. Does quasiperiodic mean, that the interval is shifted. If yes, is this shift well defined?
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Symmetry of spectrum of tight binding model with quasiperiodic potential

In the Aubry-André model, a tight binding model with nearest neighor hopping and a cosine-like potential $\lambda_n = \lambda \cos(2\pi \beta n)$ (where $n$ is the lattice site, $\lambda$ is the ...
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Why the Lorenz system can't have quasi-periodic trajectories?

The nonlinear dynamics book by Hilborn gives the following argument about the famous Lorenz system: Let $\vec f$ represent the set of time evolution functions for the system. If we consider a set ...
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