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Can we have a Non-Gaussian Likelihood and which are the conditions or examples?

I am working on Fisher formalism and MCMC method. It seems that Fisher formalisme assumes that posterior is always Gaussian. So if I find with MCMC a gaussian posterior, I validate the results of ...
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Are random errors necessarily Gaussian?

I have seen random errors being defined as those which average to 0 as the number of measurements goes to infinity, and that the error is equally likely to be positive or negative. This only requires ...
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Redshift z=40 and gravitational waves

Why z=40 is the critical value of the redshift (more or less) to decide find out primordial gravitational waves around it? I have read that is related to the following issue: black hole mergers ...
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Normal Distribution vs Poisson Distribution

I am not sure that I understand when to use Normal Distribution and when to use Poisson distribution! For example, in RF communication the channel noise is mainly modeled as Normal Gaussian ...
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How to quantify elevated tails of a Gaussian like signal?

From some simulations I have obtained as an output a signal which roughly looks like a Gaussian with some elevated tails. Note that the input was a Gaussian. Now I would like to quantify the ...
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Entanglement for Gaussian states

Let us consider the product Fock space $\Gamma(\mathbb{C}^m) \otimes \Gamma(\mathbb{C}^n)$ and consider Gaussian states in that space. While reading some literature on Gaussian state entanglement (...
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Cosmological fluctuations: what is gaussian?

When we are speaking about gaussianity and non-gaussianity in a cosmological context, what is gaussian or non-gaussian in the CMB? What would a non gaussian CMB look like compared to a gaussian one? ...
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Do non-Gaussian states always show negativity in phase space? [closed]

According to Hudson’s theorem, any pure quantum state with a positive Wigner function is necessarily a Gaussian state. In cases, in which the existing well-known Hudson theorem immediately tells that ...
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$f_{NL}$ non-Gaussianity in cosmology

In the context of cosmology, what is meant by "..arbitrary quadratic non-Gaussianity i.e non-Gaussianity that is described to leading order by a 3-point function.."? (.."quadratic non-Gaussianity" ...
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