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Landauer limit - cost to avoid changing a bit already equal to desired value

If I have a bit and I do not know what the current value is, is it possible to use less energy than $E_b = k_b T \ln(2)$ so that if the bit value is already equal to what you want, you don't waste ...
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Landauer's principle debunked?! "Information entropy and thermal entropy: apples and oranges"

I was asking a question about sustainability of reversible computers against entropy. I referenced Landauer's principle to frame my question and someone told me in the comments that Landauer's ...
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"Information Catastrophe" and measuring density of planets?

In the article the term "Information catastrophe" is explained. Suppose the later proposed experiment by this author
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Is the value $k \ln 2$ the largest or the smallest entropy that a single particle can carry? [closed]

Sorry, but I lost the reference of the author telling this. Is $k \ln 2$ the largest or the smallest entropy that a single particle can carry? And why is this so? EDIT: It was a paper from the 1970s.
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Is Landauer’s principle an approximation?

According to Wikipedia, Landauer’s principle follows from the second law of thermodynamics. However, the second law of thermodynamics is an approximation: there is an extremely small probability that ...
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Landauer's Extended Principle

Melvin Vopson proposed the mass/energy/information equivalence principle in 2019. In the foundations of this idea, Landauer's principle has a significant place. Vopson uses what he calls Landauer's ...
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How practical is the Landauer limit to actual computing (including distant future)?

Landauer's Principle is often presented as a fundamental limit of efficiency for classical computing. It states that in order to erase one bit of information, at least the following amount of heat has ...
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Does creating information cost energy of itself (sorry layman question) [closed]

Say I wanted to heat a room with either resistors or cpus mining bitcoin, if I give either the same watts, will they both produce the same watts into heating the room ? (obviously the cpus ...
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Maxwell's demon - Landauer's principle and it's incompatibility with the 1st law of thermodynamics

Let's recapitulate and state both the Maxwell's demon and the official most-widely accepted solution to the paradox, namely Landauer's principle: The Maxwell demon paradox: A demon just by observing ...
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Current and conductance from the Landauer formula

The Landauer formula for a one dimensional quantum system (potential step scattering) can be written as $$ I(V)=\frac{2e}{h}\int_{-\infty}^\infty dE T(E) (f_S(E) - f_D(E)), $$ where $T(E)$ is the ...
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Is any energy converted to information when taking a photograph?

I am curious about the relationship between energy and information. I have only a beginner's knowledge, having read Shannon's original paper and a little about Landauer's limit which states that the ...
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What is the area of physics/science called that deals with fundamental limits of computation?

I am interested in learning about the fundamental limits of computation and in particular would like to read textbooks on the subject if they exist. My background is in maths and computer science - I ...
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Is it necessary to assume that equivalent microstates cannot get transformed into inequivalent microstates to derive the Landauer principle?

The Landauer erasure principle states that to erase a bit of information from a system, the entropy of the environment will be increased by at least $k_B\log2$, or equivalently, it costs at least an ...
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Is this a counterexample to Landauer's principle?

Landauer's principle states that if I have a physical system with two possible states, and that system begins in an unknown state, then putting the system into a known state takes the addition of at ...
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Foundation of Landauer's principle [duplicate]

I have asked this on CS subsite but since there was no reply yet and the question is also somewhat related to physics, I think it will be appropriate to post here as well. Landauer's principle states ...
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Landauers Principle Derivation

I read about Landauer's principle and was wondering about the implications from it's original derivation. Landauer derived his principle straight foward from the second law, but I see people favoring ...
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Is there a trade-off between computation speed and heat creation in relation to the Landauer Limit?

In this article, an experiment is referenced in which information was converted into energy via erasure. It is said that the slower the erasure took place, the less energy was released, and that the ...
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If we had a "perfectly efficient" computer and all the energy in the Milky-way available, what number could it count to?

The idea for this question comes from an example in cryptography, where supposedly 256-bit symmetric keys will be enough for all time to come (brute-forcing a 256-bit key is sort-of equivalent to ...
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Is the Landauer limit reversible

As I understand it, the Landauer limit, $kTln(2)$, is the minimum amount of energy to erase a bit. Is it also the minimum amount to create a bit? I'm asking statistical, like Avogadro's number of ...
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Is there a thermodynamic limit on how efficiently you can solve a Rubik's cube?

Suppose I build a machine which will be given Rubik's cubes that have been scrambled to one of the $\sim 2^{65}$ possible positions of the cube, chosen uniformly at random. Is it possible for the ...
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How does Landauer's Principle apply in quantum (and generally reversible) computing

I understand that a reversible computer does not dissipate heat through the Landauer's principle whilst running - the memory state at all times is a bijective function of the state at any other time. ...
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Landauer's principle vs Rayleigh–Jeans law

Can we argue based on Landauer's principle that if one bit information is changed inside a blackbody, the total radiated energy should be at least or in order of $kT\ln2$? If it is so, can we also ...
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Maximum theoretical data density

Our ability to store data on or in physical media continues to grow, with the maximum amount a data you can store in a given volume increasing exponentially from year to year. Storage devices continue ...
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