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What does it mean for two compatible observables to be a "coarse-graining" of a third?

In reading about quantum contextuality, I've encountered the statement that if [A,B] = 0, then there exists another observable C such that the spectral projections of A and B are a coarse-graining ...
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Are functions of commuting measurement operators equivalent to the same functions on the outcomes of those operators?

I.e., is it the case that for all states $\hat{\rho}$, we have that $F(\hat{A}_i, \hat{A}_j, \hat{A}_k, \hat{\rho}) \equiv F(a^{(l)}_i, a^{(m)}_j, a^{(n)}_k)$, where $a^{(l)}_i, a^{(m)}_j$ and $a^{(n)}...
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