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Effects of nonlinearity and dispersion on a pulse

I have some basic doubts on Nonlinear and dispersion effects on a pulse. How does a pulse shape change in temporal domain when passed through: nonlinear medium with strong $X^2$ effect nonlinear and ...
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Long laser pulse with broad spectral range

In the real time code I use for numerical time propagation, usually we use laser pulses with a Gaussian envelop and a central frequency. To obtain a pulse with a broad spectral range (few eV) very ...
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How to Model Chirp in Laser Pulse

I'm trying to model a chirped pulse with Python using the following form: $$ E(z,t) = cos \left( \omega_0 \cdot (t-z/c) + \beta (t-z/c)^2 \right) \cdot exp \left[ - \alpha t^2 \right] $$ From ...
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Does self-phase modulation generate new frequency components?

Not a physicist. Hope to clarify some conceptual issues I have with non-linear propagation of light through a medium, since I seem to be mixing up some very fundamental concepts. Specifically, I am ...
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Can we tell how far away is the source of gravitational wave from the chirp alone? [duplicate]

From the analysis of chirp from Ligo and some other similar detector it is possible to tell the mass but can we also find out how far away too? or we need to look up into the sky and compare the ...
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Open source software or Matlab toolboxes for simulation of pulse chirping

I am trying to simulate the effect on the waveform of pulse chirping a Gaussian pulse from a femtosecond laser by various mechanisms (e.g. prism, grating, grism, fiber optical cables). I have tried ...
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What is Chirped Pulse Amplification, and why is it important enough to warrant a Nobel Prize?

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded recently, with half going to Arthur Ashkin for his work on optical tweezers and half going to Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland for developing a technique ...
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What is the mathematical basis behind using a chirp signal to determine the resonant frequency of a second order differential system?

It is a common practise for engineers to try to determine the resonant frequency of a system through a chirp signal. Given a damped oscillating system with displacement $x$, driven by a chirp signal ...
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Is radar-style 'pulse coding' (stretch, amplify, interact, and then compress) used in the optical domain?

Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) is an optics technique for producing short laser pulses at intensities which are high enough that the gain medium would destroy itself through nonlinear phenomena ...
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Does chirp affect the coherence of a laser?

Lets say we have a laser beam with finite temporal coherence. A broadband spectrum with a transform limited pulse of 100fs. If we measure its temporal coherence when the pulse is transform limited ...
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