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Is the centripetal force a pseudo force? [duplicate]

So I'm having a bit of struggle understanding the origin of the centripetal force. Is the centripetal force a pseudo force? Somebody told me that both the centrifugal and the centripetal forces are ...
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What would be the force acting on? [duplicate]

Suppose a car is negotiating a bend on a smooth road and it starts to slip away. What is the force acting on the car causing it to slip away? I know that the centrifugal force is fictitious. Since the ...
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Is there a huge difference between centrifugal and centripetal forces?

I am doing a video for 8th grade on the subject. I'm showing the experiment of swinging a bucket of water over your head. Is there a huge difference between centrifugal and centripetal forces? Would ...
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Derivation of the centrifugal and coriolis force

I was wondering how easily these two pseudo-forces can be derived mathematically in order to exhibit a clear physical meaning. How would you proceed?
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What is the cause of centripetal/centrifugal force?

What is the cause of centripetal/centrifugal force? When an object of mass $m$ is moved in a circular orbit, it experiences a centrifugal force radially away from the center. What is the cause of this ...
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"Artificial gravity" on a rotating space stations

There have been a lot of sci-fi shows recently using the "rotating space station" explanation for gravity on space stations. After watching these videos:
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Fictitious forces confusion

I have a hard time understanding the subject of fictitious forces. Let's discuss a few examples: 1) I'm sitting inside a vehicle which is accelerating in a straight line. I feel like someone is ...
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What force push ball outward in rotating tube in inertial frame? [duplicate]

Ball is free to move in hollow tube, if you rotate tube ball will move outward. What force push ball outward in inertial frame and how ball trajectory looks? (I know that centrifugal force don't exist ...
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If centrifugal force isn't real then why am I being pushed on a merry go rournd? [duplicate]

I just finished my class on circular acceleration and I learnt that centrifugal force (outward force) is a psuedo force. It doesn't really exist. Now suppose I am going round in my car or a merry go ...
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Countersteering a motorcycle

Everyone knows the story about countersteering. For those who don't, I will explain it below and after the explanation I will ask my question. You can watch this short video as a beginning: The ...
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Which force pushes a ball away from the center of a spinning disk?

Here is a question from my book. I need to know which force is acting on the ball, making it move outwards? It cannot be centrifugal force, as centrifugal force acts if the particle is moving in a ...
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Intuitive understanding of centripetal vs. centrifugal force

I am having trouble understanding how centripetal force works intuitively. This is my claim. When I have a mass strapped on a string and spin it around, I feel the mass pulling my hand. So, I want ...
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Which force is required by a satellite revolving around the earth?

Since centripetal force is the inward force required to keep an object moving with a constant speed in circular path and centrifugal force is the apparent force that pulls an object from its centre or ...
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Coriolis force and Newton's third law

I would like to ask a stupid question here. If a body 'b' moving downward with a velocity $v$ in a rotating frame of reference with angular velocity $\omega$, and $\omega$ and $v$ not being parallel ...
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Centripetal force in frame of reference of body moving In a circle

Suppose a body is moving in a circle about a fixed point. In the frame of reference of the body, is the centripetal force felt or is only the centrifugal force felt? More generally, does a body only ...
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