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Why does breaking Bell's inequality rule out all local hidden variables theories? [duplicate]

It seems that a hidden variables theory could reproduce Bell's experiments results, preserving locality, as long as it accepts that the superposition state(or at least a faux superposition) existed at ...
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What does Bell's Theorem really violate? [duplicate]

Well this is a fairly straightforward question. I know it states that either hidden variables is wrong or Quantum Mechanics. But indirectly hidden variables is a part of QM due to uncertainty. So what ...
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Does the HUP alone ensure the randomness in QT?

This answer of mine has been strongly criticized on the ground that it is no more than a philosophical blabbering. Well, it may well be. But people seem to be of the opinion that HUP alone does not ...
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Don't these experiments suggest that locality has to be abandoned in the quantum realm?

First a quick recap because maybe my understanding/assumptions are flawed (you can jump to the question highlighted in bold below if you like to): Bell's inequalities require that an accurate(ly ...
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Is contextuality required in quantum mechanics?

I still don't really understand what contextuality means in reference to quantum mechanics. If someone could give a clear definition that would be great. It sounds like it means you can't always ...
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Non-locality vs. non-realism: Arbitrary choice?

After reading this question, I feel I understand why quantum mechanics is so confusing (and so often confused by the media): It can be either local (if A causes B, then there must be time for a signal ...
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Realism vs. locality in EPR/Bell arena

I understand that this is a much debated issue, so I will try to be precise in order to narrow the question. Bell inequality violation rules out Local Realism. From this, I understand that by giving ...
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From locality to deterministic hidden variables

According to this link here Bell said: "My own first paper on this subject ... starts with a summary of the EPR argument from locality to deterministic hidden variables. But the commentators have ...
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Are properties such as locality and realism properties of all theories, some theories, or interpretations of theories?

I have a strong intuitive feeling, based for example on the Bothe-Geiger experiment, that quantum mechanics is nonlocal. But intelligent people who have thought about these things make claims such as ...
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Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics and Locality

I have read these posts here: Why do people still talk about bohmian mechanics/hidden variables Disproof of Bell’s Theorem What combinations of realism, non-locality, and contextuality are ruled ...
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