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Alternate explanation for energy flow in electricity as explained in this video

The question is about this video from a youtube channel called Veritasium. It is a popular physics/math youtube channel and topics discussed are usually fact checked and accurate. The gist of the ...
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Doesn't Veritasium's Recent Video About Circuits Violate The Speed Of Light?

A recent Veritasium video discusses the following circuit: ...
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How is the answer to this question $1/c$ seconds?

This is a question from the YouTube science content channel Veritasium. The below image shows the question. The question is about when will the bulb begin to glow after the switch is turned on. The ...
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Which electrons kill you during electrocution?

I understand that there are three velocities in play in a circuit (I haven't studied Physics past high school so give me some rope) v1: the velocity by which the electrical field propagates through ...
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Why is the return current through a printed circuit board's ground plane concentrated below the circuit trace?

The Wikipedia article on ground plane says In addition, a ground plane under printed circuit traces [the paths that the circuit currents take] can reduce crosstalk between adjacent traces. When two ...
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A loop of wire with circumference of a lightyear is connecting a bulb and a battery. How long will the bulb take to light up?

Imagine a circular loop of conducting non wire with a perimeter of a light year. There is a powerful battery (able to produce a voltage that is higher than the drop in wire resistance) and a bulb ...
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How does energy flow in a circuit? (Veritasium vs. Science Asylum) [duplicate]

I have recently watched two YouTube videos on this subject, that you can see here (first by "Science Asylum" and the other by "Veritasium"). https://...
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Veritasium Electricity Follow-Ups: Insulators, Switch Location, larger gap

This question is similar to: Doesn't Veritasium's Recent Video About Circuits Violate The Speed Of Light? In what order would light bulbs in series light up when you close a long circuit?, ...
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Is an open circuit completely dead?

Probably the answer should be yes, it's like there would be no electricity source at all. But when I ask what's happening after a switch is turned on, I get the answer that the electricity then goes ...
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In a simple electric circuit with battery and lamp, how does the lamp light up? [duplicate]

I watched Veritasium's video on big misconceptions of electricity, i remember when we learn how does lamp light up in the circuit, our teacher said it is the kinetic energy of electrons transfer to ...
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Electromagnetic field around a conductor with current

According to this video I have a question: If the glowing of a light bulb is the result of energy supplied from the electromagnetic field around a conductor,...
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