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Gravitationally bound systems and cosmological expansion? [duplicate]

Why are gravitationally bound systems unaffected by cosmological expansion? Is it because on local scales gravity has overcome the effects of the expansion of space and thus enabled localised ...
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Evidence that the Solar System is expanding like the Universe? [duplicate]

I've just come across Krasinsky and Brumberg's paper that claims, from an analysis of radiometric measurements, that the astronomical unit (earth-sun distance) is increasing at the rate: $$\frac{d}{...
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Expansion of the Universe [duplicate]

At what speed is our solar system expanding, and if it is, why don't the positions of the sun and planets change, or grow farther apart? Why is the Big Dipper still where it is?
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Expansion of the Universe inside mattar [duplicate]

When talking about the expansion of the universe we usually refer to the Friedman equations so we assume homogeneous and isotropic solution to Einstein field equation which is true on cosmological ...
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is the expansion of the universe observable at a smaller scale? [duplicate]

I have searched the network for a possible duplicate to this question but I have not found one particulary answering my question so recommendations are welcome. I understand that distances of ...
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Why does space expansion not expand matter?

I have looked at other questions on this site (e.g. "why does space expansion affect matter") but can't find the answer I am looking for. So here is my question: One often hears talk of space ...
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Is space really expanding?

In a book called "Einstein, Relativity and Absolute Simultaneity" there was this sentence by Smith: There is no observational evidence for a space expansion hypothesis. What is observed are ...
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Why does a flat universe imply an infinite universe?

This article claims that because the universe appears to be flat, it must be infinite. I've heard this idea mentioned in a few other places, but they never explain the reasoning at all.
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Swimming in Spacetime - apparent conserved quantity violation

My question is about the article Swimming in Spacetime. My gut reaction on first reading it was "this violates conservation of momentum, doesn't it?". I now realize, however, that this doesn'...
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Is the Cosmological Constant locally zero?

On earth and in our solar system we do not notice any effects of a non-zero cosmological constant. The accelerating expansion of the universe was only detected by observing the most distant supernovae....
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Height Issues of the Time Traveler [duplicate]

A person from the year 2250 goes back in time. They go back 60 Million years, because they want to observe dinosaurs. Imagine their surprise when they see T-Rex's running around like little chickens!...
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What experimental evidence shows that the "explosion" model of the Big Bang with an explosion at a single point of space is wrong?

A popular misconception in the layman public is that the Big Bang was some sort "explosion" at a single point of space, where originally all matter was concentrated and then it "...
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How fast is the Earth-Sun distance changing

This is inspired by Evidence that the Solar System is expanding like the Universe?, which referenced an article by G. A. Krasinsky and V. A. Brumberg, "Secular Increase of Astronomical Unit from ...
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How Does Hubble's Expansion Affect Two Rope-Tied Galaxies?

Suppose we have two galaxies that are sufficiently far apart so that the distance between them increases due to Hubble's expansion. If I were to connect these two galaxies with a rope, would there be ...
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As the universe expands, why do some things stretch but not others?

I got into watching a video on Olbers' Paradox a few days ago, and from there read about the origins of the universe, its expansion, and so on... it's always fascinated me, but now something about it ...
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