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Why must a physical theory be mathematically self-consistent?

I always read in modern physics textbooks and articles about the need for physical theories to be mathematically self-consistent, which implies that the theories must not produce contradictions or ...
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The Role of Rigor [closed]

The purpose of this question is to ask about the role of mathematical rigor in physics. In order to formulate a question that can be answered, and not just discussed, I divided this large issue into ...
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Can a mathematical proof replace experimentation?

I know that this is very similar to How important is mathematical proof in physics? as well as Is physics rigorous in the mathematical sense? and The Role of Rigor. However, none of the answers to ...
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How important is mathematical proof in physics?

How important are proofs in physics? If something is mathematically proven to follow from something we know is true, does it still require experimental verification? Are there examples of things that ...
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Final theory in Physics: a mathematical existence proof?

Some time ago, I read something like this about the issue of "a final theory" in Physics: "Concerning the physical laws, we have several positions as scientists There are no ...
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What is fundamentally physically impossible?

Mathematical logic defines quite clearly what is true or false in math, and also that some theorems are impossible to prove. This resulted in some clear definitions of axioms set like Peano, ZF or ZFC,...
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What is the difference between a physical theory and mathematical theory?

Is there same approach in physical theories like primitive notions,axioms and theorems as in maths ? If it is then is it an only method or approach to study different fields of knowledge?
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Can we construct Axiomatic system of physical laws?

If we construct axiomatic system of physical laws that are independent one another as in axioms in mathematics, what should they be? Can there be such a finite system of physical laws that can explain ...
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Has anyone ever created a formal system for quantum mechanics? [duplicate]

I've heard that quantum mechanics is really hard to teach people how to fully understand. Maybe there are some statements that some people seem to be able to prove are true according to a certain ...
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What generates physical meaning in mathematical quantum theory?

Let mathematical quantum theories be theories of Hilbert-space rays together with probability / amplitude / unitary evolution / Hermitian operator machineries. Observations essentially correspond to ...
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