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Why there is no negative temperature [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Prove that negative absolute temperatures are actually hotter than positive absolute temperatures Proof of existence of lowest temperature $0 K$ On the Kelvin temperature ...
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The second law of thermodynamics in terms of entropy at negative absolute temperatures [duplicate]

Why is it that the second law of thermodynamics in terms of entropy doesn't change at negative absolute temperatures? Has it been observed in experiment that if you add heat to a system with negative ...
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Thermodynamics, temperature below 0 Kelvin [duplicate]

I read a news article about how they were able to create a negative temperature, below absolute zero, and my question is how does this work? I know that there are different definitions of temperature,...
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Temperature Less Than Nothing? [duplicate]

How temperature can be less than nothing or less than absolute zero?And how atoms interact in this level?
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Is it possible for $\beta$ be negative in Boltzmann probability distributions? [duplicate]

I am studying the basics of statistical mechanics and Boltzmann distribution. I tried to use the idea to find natural income distributions, through the method of maximization of probability using ...
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Negative temperature [duplicate]

How can we prove that if a negative-temperature system is in contact with a positive-temperature system, then the heat flow from the first to the second (and finally, the temperature of the second ...
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Why is there no absolute maximum temperature?

If temperature makes particles vibrate faster, and movement is limited by the speed of light, then I would assume that temperature must be limited as well. Why is there no limit?
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Can negative absolute temperature be achieved?

Thermodynamics does not allow the attainment of the absolute zero of temperature. Is then the term "negative temperature" a misnomer?
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Temperature below absolute zero?

I saw this Nature article today, which cites e.g. arXiv:1211.0545. And it makes no sense to me. The temperature of a collection of particles is the average kinetic energy of those particles. Kinetic ...
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Physical significance of negative temperature

I read some answers regarding negative temperatures but I think my question is new. I want to know that what is the physical significance of negative temperature. Suppose I say a body has ...
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A physical explanation for negative kelvin temperatures

Just to get the thoughts rolling... Consider a two state system with discrete energy levels $E_1$ and $E_2$ where $E_2 > E_1$ which contains $N$ particles. We can easily deduce that the state of ...
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Are negative temperatures typically associated with negative absolute pressures?

Negative temperatures and negative absolute pressures are both possible in physical systems. Negative temperatures arise in (for example) populations of two-state systems, which have a maximum amount ...
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What is temperature?

Recently I read an interesting article about negative temperature. I was puzzled because I thought before that temperature has definite meaning in thermodynamics: it tells about how fast atoms jiggle. ...
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Does negative temperature in Carnot cycle yield a counterexample of the second law of thermodynamics?

By Carnot Theorem, the efficiency of Carnot cycle is$$\eta=1-\frac{T_C}{T_H}$$ where $T_C$,$T_H$ are the absolute temperature of the cold reservoir and hot reservoir respectively. Since $T_C > 0$, ...
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Proof of existence of lowest temperature $0 K$

In mathematics there is the concept of infinity meaning that whenever you pick a number and say that it is the smallest/Largest there is a way to further reduce/increase that number by subtracting/...
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