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Quantum entanglement as practical method of superluminal communication

As I understand it (from a lay physics perspective), quantum entanglement has been experimentally demonstrated - it is a reality. As I understand it, you can measure something like the spin of an ...
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Quantum entanglement used for FTL communication? [duplicate]

I'm aware of many ideas people have come up with for this question. I understand why they don't work. However I was thinking about another method involving an array of multiple entangled particles. ...
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Instantaneous transmission of data across arbitrary distances via quantum entanglement [duplicate]

As a forward, I'm no a physicist or a student of it. In fact I'm pretty ordinary. So if I mischarecterize some concepts, bear with me. So I was reading up on some of the new technologies and then I ...
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Entanglement and coherence

I have come across a wonderful review of entanglement by Chris Drost in his answer to this post. One part that left me puzzled was: (This post is merely an attempt to understand a portion of Chris' ...
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The choice of measurement basis on one half of an entangled state affects the other half. Can this be used to communicate faster than light?

It is often stated, particularly in popular physics articles and videos about quantum entanglement, that if one measures a particle A that is entangled with some other particle B, then this ...
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How do particles become entangled?

A person asked me this and I'm just a lowly physical chemist. I used a classical analogy. (How good or bad is this and how to fix it?) Basically, light has a net angular momentum of zero, insofar as ...
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Conservation of quantum coherence?

Is coherence conserved under unitary transformation? As we saw in the process of generating entanglement, coherence between states of the subsystem is transferred to quantum correlations (related to ...
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Why is quantum non-locality so surprising when quantum mechanics is a non-relativistic theory to begin with?

Ignore the fact that Quantum Field Theory (QFT) is compatible with Special Relativity (SR) for a second. Imagine we are back in a time before the construction of QFT. If Quantum Mechanics (QM) is the ...
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Does a polarizer affect both entangled photons or only one?

Suppose you have two polarization-entangled photons A and B in the following state: \begin{equation} \Phi=\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}\bigl(\left|H_{A},H_{B}\right\rangle + \left| V_{A},V_{B}\right\rangle\bigr)...
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Can quantum states be controlled or randomized for communication using quantum entanglement?

I see "FTL" Communication with Quantum Entanglement? (which has some really awesome potential answers) Quantum entanglement as practical method of superluminal communication and, Quantum ...
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What is the consensus among physicists on whether quantum mechanics has non-locality? [closed]

According to this article here by the SEP, Following Bell's work, a broad consensus has it that the quantum realm involves some type of non-locality (for examples, see Clauser and Horne 1974, Jarrett ...
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Can someone explain why this QM FTL communication setup is wrong?

So I thought I understood the double-slit experiment and EPR paradox until this setup occured to me. It combines EPR entanglement with "which-way" double slit setups. I know it must be wrong, but I ...
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Reality, locality, and universality in the EPR paradox

Apologies if this has been asked before. I did some searching but didn't see it anywhere asked quite like this. Thanks in advance for any insights. Caveat: I am an organic chemist and thus ...
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Quantum Entaglement and EPR [closed]

I was studying the EPR Paradox and Bell's theorem . My question is how does this information travel between two entangled particles, has there been any research into this?
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What's the fuss over quantum entanglement about? Is it because people have misunderstood? [closed]

The first video I've seen about quantum entanglement claimed that changing A's spin will immediately take effect on B's spin as well. The more I read into this topic the less it seems that this is ...
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