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Is it theoretically possible to shield gravitational fields or waves?

Electromagnetic waves can be shielded by a perfect conductor. What about gravitational fields or waves?
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Can we make a force which can oppose earth gravity? [duplicate]

If we are standing on earth, then some force (gravity of earth) is pulling us down. Can't we make a force which can oppose gravity? Can't we make an object of zero mass?
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Can gravity be blocked or augmented? [duplicate]

If gravitons (or some other quantum particle) are indeed responsible for the effect of gravity, can gravity be blocked, defected or trapped somehow? Is there any evidence that a gravitational field ...
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Is there an analogue of the Casimir effect for gravity? [duplicate]

Having recently learned about the Casimir effect I began to wonder about spacetime and the effect of intervening bodies on gravitational forces: Does a mass have a "shadow" behind it or ...
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Why Negative Energy States are Bad

The argument is often given that the early attempts of constructing a relativistic theory of quantum mechanics must not have gotten everything right because they led to the necessity of negative ...
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Gravitational doubt [duplicate]

If we can shield a charge from electrical forces by putting it inside a hollow conductor. Can we shield a body from gravitational influence of nearby matter by putting it inside a hollow sphere or by ...
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Gravitational lensing of gravity

I have read these questions: Do gravitational lenses work on gravitational waves? Are gravitational waves effected by the curvature of space time (gravitational lensing)? And it made me curious. I ...
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Positive Mass Theorem and Geodesic Deviation

This is a thought I had a while ago, and I was wondering if it was satisfactory as a physicist's proof of the positive mass theorem. The positive mass theorem was proven by Schoen and Yau using ...
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Antineutron repelled by gravity?

I was reading an old post, Can gravity be shielded, like electromagnetism?. One of the responses had this comment. There are some experiments trying to measure whether antiprotons ( antimatter) ...
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Can an analog to the Meissner Effect be proposed for matter and gravitational fields?

In the study of electromagnetic fields and quantum electrodynamics we observe and theorize on the behavior of superconductivity and the Meissner effect. Has an analog of these behaviors been proposed ...
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Gravitational field in a hollow sphere in the presence of another mass nearby non zero. Why is that so?

I have learned that charges inside a conductor align themselves in an external field such that the net electric field inside them is always zero. My teacher taught me that most concepts of gravitation ...
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Can we shield against gravity by surrounding ourselves with a sphere of black holes?

The common idea is that gravity can't be shielded against. I highly doubt that. Let us create a sphere: $$s: r^2 = x^2+y^2+z^2$$ which is centred on a point $M$. Now we start putting tiny black ...
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A question gravitation and magnetism? [closed]

Suppose I have a magnet and I put a piece of iron next to it, then the magnet will attract it. Now if I put a piece of wood in front of the magnet and the piece of iron, the iron will not get ...
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