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How can Ohm's law be correct if superconductors have 0 resistivity?

Ohm's law states that the relationship between current ( I ) voltage ( V ) and resistance ( R ) is $$I = \frac{V}{R}$$ However superconductors cause the resistance of a material to go to zero, and ...
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If a superconductor has zero resistance, does it have infinite amperage?

If amps = volts / ohms, and ohms is 0, then what is x volts / 0 ohms?
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Current when resistance is 0

A short circuit has $\rm 0$ resistance. We use Ohm's Law $\rm V=IR$. If $\rm R=0$, then $\rm V=0$. Doesn't this mean $\rm I$ can theoretically be anything? Thus $\rm I$ can be like $\rm35A$ for ...
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Why is there no electric field in the ideal wire?

Why is there an electric field only inside the resistor in the circuit (assuming that the wire has no resistance)? If there is no electric field inside the wire, why does the electron move to the ...
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Can a Superconductor have an electric field inside it.?

I have been reading that an ideal supercondcutor can't have electric field inside it as its Resistance is zero. If you connect a superconductor with a voltage source will it not produce electric field ...
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Current in a perfect conductor

In a normal conductor, the current density is directly proportional to the electric field strength: $$ \vec{J} = \sigma \vec{E} $$ In a perfect conductor, $\vec{E} =0$, even if there is a current. ...
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Why is electric field zero in a wire with 0 resistance given nonzero voltage?

Why is electric field zero in a wire with 0 resistance given nonzero voltage and infinite charge inside a battery? It is true that for a wire with $0$ resistance there will uniform voltage across the ...
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Superconducting energy storage and voltage [closed]

I've been reading up on superconducting magnetic energy storage, and while I know how the energy is stored ($E=\frac12LI^2$) I have no idea how the discharging works. Specifically, as per this paper 1 ...
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Speed of electrons in a perfectly conducting wire [duplicate]

So we know that EMF of the battery provides an electric field in the circuit and thus accelerating the electrons inside them, so my question is that lets say if there is a perfectly conducting wire, ...
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What will be the variation in potential in a zero resistance wire connected to a battery? [duplicate]

Consider an electric circuit with a battery and a resistor connected through a wire of zero resistance. Since the wire offers no resistance, all points on the wire are at same potential, then why on ...
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