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How do we see? Where do the photons disappear?

I know that the light is reflected from a object to my eyes, but I don't understand exactly how. The photons appear from the light source and disappear in my eye! Can someone explain the phenomenon of ...
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Where does the light go when I turn off the light switch?

As above... Surely it must go somewhere? My child asked me this question and it was a difficult one to answer.
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Where do gamma ray photons come from?

I'm a layman interested in learning more about nuclear radiation. Heavy elements like plutonium or uranium will eject protons and neutrons as alpha particles, electrons as beta particles, and photons ...
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If an electron is a fundamental particle how can it release photons

The title really says it all. How can a fundamental partical which cannot be broken down any further release another fundamental particle. If this is a stupid question let me know and I shall do more ...
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Where else than Atoms do Photons Disappear and Reappear from? [closed]

Where does photons come from and disappear to? Can photons be destroyed and created? Without atoms would photons exist? What other ways then from atoms can photons be made?
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Do we know why the field produced by charge extends to infinity?

Do we have any model to show why charge field or magnetic field extends till infinity. Edit: I agree that according to coulombs law $1/r^2$ cannot be 0 but do we know why this happens.I think I am ...
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What happens to photon in photoelectric effect

In photoelectric effect, when the photon gives energy to the electron, then what happens to itself? Where does it go? For me the photon must take the place of electron after the electron escapes the ...
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Other values of mass of the electron and the charge of the electron?

Are there whatever experimental data other than Millikan Oil Droplet experiments data and Stoney calculations from electrolysis low, or some experimental indications pointed on the possibility that ...
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c "Propagation" in Weber Electrodynamics [closed]

The telegraph model of Weber-Gauss, relying on Weber's electrodynamics, modeled instantaneous action at a distance of the electric scalar potential (Coulomb potential) manifesting as propagation of ...
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What happens to the absorbed colour on an object? [duplicate]

If white coloured light falls on an object, colours of certain wavelengths is absorbed and colour of certain wavelength is reflected. We see the object's colour as the reflected colour. Then what ...
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