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Why is black a better emitter of heat than white? [duplicate]

I know that black absorbs light and converts it into heat which makes it a good emitter of radiant heat while white reflects it. Let's say if I place 2 cups, 1 black and 1 white, same material, in a ...
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Why do black bodies or black colored bodies cool down faster than white ones? [duplicate]

Recently, I found an exercise in which a graph was shown with the variation of temperature of two painted cans as they received sunlight. One of the questions was "Which of these two bodies will ...
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All objects radiate energy, but we cannot see all objects in the dark. Why?

We claim that all objects radiate energy by virtue of their temperature and yet we cannot see all objects in the dark. Why not?
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Does car colour affect car temperature? [duplicate]

My family will buy a car, so to minimise the car's air conditioning and heating (and thus fuel) costs, how should we choose a car exterior's colour and the interior's colour and material (eg fabric ...
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Modes inside a cavity and black body radiation

Consider a perfect conductor that encloses a spatial volume such as a parallelepiped or cylinder. If we solve Maxwell's equations inside that volume, seeking solutions that depends on time with a ...
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Brownian motion moving nano/micro coils inside a magnetic field

Following experimental setup. We take copper coils which are small enough to be subject to brownian motion. We combine those coils with some other material to make them about as heavy as the liquid ...
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How much hotter will an object get if I paint it black?

I have read these threads If black is the best absorber and radiator, why does it get hot? Black and white matters. But why and how? If a black body is a perfect absorber, why does it emit anything? ...
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If black is the best absorber and radiator, why does it get hot?

I can guess that it’s emission peaks at a higher temperature than white. So when a light is turned onto a black and white piece of paper, the initial condition is not at equilibrium. As black absorbs ...
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Black Body Radiation ELI5

If a black object and a shiny object were left in vacuum and bombarded with thermal radiation would the shiny object eventually reach the same temperature as the black object? The reason I ask is I ...
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What colour would you make the inside of a chili bin?

Hi there, If you were making a cooler (a thing you put your iced drinks and ice blocks in to keep them cool), what colour would you make the inside of it? Black would absorb more heat, while white ...
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