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Was there a singularity before the Big Bang or after it? [duplicate]

I am slightly confused. Some say that the initial state of the universe was a singularity, and some say that before the Big Bang; there was a singularity. Can anybody elucidate?
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Did the Big Bang happen at a point?

TV documentaries invariably show the Big Bang as an exploding ball of fire expanding outwards. Did the Big Bang really explode outwards from a point like this? If not, what did happen?
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The mass of universe at the time of the Big Bang

The density of universe at the time of the Big-Bang was infinitely high. Does that mean that the mass was also infinitely high? ( the universe was extremely small at that time)
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Does big bang have really any justification while we are living within a huge chaos?

All the physicists already know that the n-body problem reveals chaos, so that the planets around the sun should undergo deterministic chaos with a Lyapunov exponent of the order of, say, $\frac{+1}{3....
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What is the branch of physics that asks the question 'what was before the Big Bang'?

What is the branch of physics that asks the question 'what was before the Big Bang', assuming the Big Bang is truly what happened at the beginning of the universe? If there could be a better model ...
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The Big Bang theory hypothesis

Is there a simple way to state the hypotheses of the Big Bang theory? I have the impression that the Big Bang singularity is merely a consequence of Freedman equations. Could somebody clarify what ...
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Big Crunch, then new Big Bang = exact same Universe? [closed]

If after a Big Crunch, the new singularity explodes in a Big Bang, would we get the same Universe all over again? Since black holes retain all the information they've stored, would we get an exact ...
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What was the informational content of the universe at the Planck time?

If the energy of $1 \, \mathrm{bit}$ of information is $k_{\small{\text{B}}}T \ln{2}$, then the energy of that bit increases with the temperature of the system. When I try to calculate how much energy ...
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In Which Space Did the Big Bang Occur? [duplicate]

If our universe didn't exist before the big bang, the big bang can not have taken place in our universe, but in some external space. How does current physics explain this?
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Inflation v.s. Big Bang

It is said that that transition or certain quantum rotor field, and “rolling” down into the valley (of some quantum potential), is what causes inflation to come to an end, and create the hot Big Bang. ...
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What information do we have about time before the big bang?

I've heard for awhile now that a lot of physicists think that time was created in the big bang as a dimension (just like space). When I try to look this up online though i just get on old lecture from ...
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Inflation as simply expansion of "previous spacetime"?

Suppose spacetime is expanding at an ever accelerating rate now, and supposing it continues doing so in the future, won't our universe at some point in the far far distant future look exactly like it ...
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If the Universe reaches the state of heat death scenario, could it produce a new Big Bang? [duplicate]

So in heat death of the Universe time stops, matter is degraded, only quantum vacuum remains and the universe no longer expands? Aren't those conditions similar to what physicists say about the ...
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