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Looking at past events by observing sky? [duplicate]

Since solar system (and our galaxy) is constantly in motion at a great speed, is it possible that we can look at our own image as it was sometime ago? Since the light of that age takes sometime to ...
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Is it theoretically possible to watch events of 1985 with near light speed travel & a big enough telescope? [duplicate]

James Webb allows us to see stars as they were thousands of years ago. So what about seeing Earth of 37 years ago. For nostalgic purposes I’d like to watch myself aged 12 in 1985, perhaps outside on ...
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Can others see us many years ago relative to them? [duplicate]

In theory can entities in future spacetime look "back in time" to us, as we look back in time to other entities light years away, or is time simply a function of the distance and distance determines ...
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Will we ever be able to view the past?

By analogy with the sun, whose light is apparently reaching us in 8 minutes, it means that we are only viewing the sun 8 minutes ago when we look up at it. However, what if we were eventually able to ...
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Is it possible to hear the past?

From this Stack Exchange Physics Post, I am certain that it is possible to view the past. But then this interesting question came to me. Is it possible to hear the past? Ok, you might say, "Well, ...
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A mirror in the sky to look at past Earth

Earth reflects light from Sun into Space; are there any "mirror like" objects which reflect back to Earth this light? Has anyone been able to use this method to recover some information on how was the ...
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Is my grandmother alive for some alien who is located on some place and is moving with some speed?

(I am science fiction writer. I had a goal in my novel to argue that time travel to past will not be available even in future. I asked here how to argue that. I collected answers and analyzed them and ...
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Is it feasible to detect light emitted from planet earth 2,000 years ago by reflection from an object situated 1000 light years away?

The possibility though remote, is intriguing as we may be able in the future to actually "see" our own planet's history. Though sounding science fiction, if we are able to detect bodies in space that ...
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Could we enable ourselves to send messages to and receive messages from the future?

Based on John Isaacks' question, "If you view the Earth from far enough away can you observe its past?" and the responses, it appears that we could use mirrors to see into the past. Using Vintage's ...
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Does every past state of the Earth currently "travel" through the universe?

So I just read this question. The 27 year old user asks if it would be possible to see his own birth if he would be 27 lightyears away from the earth and the answer states ...
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is there a way to capture scenes from past? [closed]

Is there a way to capture scenes from past for ex/ capturing someones sound which lived before long time ago.. if yes, how? and if no, why? Regards
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Looking backwards in time at yourself

If a person on Earth today is looking at a star, say, 10 billion light years away, is it possible that some of the atoms he is looking at will eventually go on to make him?
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Observing the past

Suppose that we have a massive stellar object in space, so massive that it can cause significant lensing. It is also theoretically possible to turn light by 180 degrees (u-turn).So, assuming this body ...
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Just something I was thinking related to light travelling

Since we know that when we watch a star, we are watching it in a state it was before when the light started travelling from it. So suppose, I travel from Earth to a distance of 1 light year and than ...
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Looking back to Earth via general relativity [duplicate]

Based on Eddington experiment proving the effect of gravity on light, would it be conceivable that some light emitted from our sun bounce back on earth and continued in the universe. During this ...
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