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Why do all materials resonate? [duplicate]

Why do things vibrate with resonant frequencies. Why are there multiple frequencies from one impulse? ammendment: Why do chimes from bells have overtones? How to drums have overtones? What is ...
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modelling the sound wave of a guitar string with an equation [duplicate]

Currently I'm doing a physics related coursework on guitar strings and wave. I would like to ask how I can model the sound wave of a guitar with an equation. I asked some of my teachers and they told ...
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Fourier Series Analysis [duplicate]

Can anybody explain this paragraph from the chapter " Fourier series and transform " of the book by M l Boas? "If you strike a piano key you do not get a sound wave of just one frequency . ...
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Vibration of strings [duplicate]

What happens if we clamp a string at both it's ends and pluck it at different distances from one of the ends? Will the frequency of oscillation be the same or will it differ based on the place from ...
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Music / Harmonics [duplicate]

I am trying to understand the physics behind waves, sound, and music and feel as if I'm missing some important conceptual components. How is it even possible for a string to vibrate at multiple ...
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Pulling a string with both ends fixed [duplicate]

Consider a string with both ends fixed. If somewhere in middle of it be pulled and released, how would it oscillate and what is it's equation? My solution assuming the result is a standing wave: The ...
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Why does playing a string instrument at different positions along the string cause different sounds? [duplicate]

While playing with a violin with my friend, they told me plucking at just any position will produce the "wrong" sound, and to achieve the sound desired for the piece you must pluck at a specific point ...
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Does plucking a guitar string create a standing wave?

About two weeks ago there was a mock test in Korea, and a physics question asked if a plucked guitar (it was actually a gayageum, a traditional instrument, but I'll just call it a guitar for ...
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Are square wave harmonics real-life phenomena or just mathematical abstractions?

Based on my limited knowledge, it is my understanding that square waves can be mathematically broken down into an infinite sum of sinusoidal waves (of different amplitudes, frequency, etc) . This is ...
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Why don't I hear beats from a violin when playing two strings at once?

If I use a bow to play two strings at once on a violin or other string instrument, I don't hear beats occurring. Why's that?
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At what mode does a stretched string oscillate in a free oscillation? [closed]

I am unclear that when a stretched string oscillates , does it oscillate in its fundamental or in its overtones. And I want to know whether there are any instances where a stretched string oscillate ...
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On Harmonics In Physics

I am an IB physics student. I am very confused about the concept of first, second, third, etc harmonics. My questions are: How does a wave get from first to second harmonic, and from second ...
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Do string instruments really create standing waves or not?

I have seen similar questions regarding this but containing answers that somewhat disagree with each other which makes it hard for me to understand this. My question is mainly about when plucking a ...
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Why are the harmonics on a string controlled by where we pluck it?

I just read this answer by rob on the question of why harmonics occur when plucking the string, in the answer I have a doubt on this point: It's worth pointing out that you have some control over ...
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What kind of frequency effects does a guitar body have on sound?

These are the questions I read through before asking this: Guitar string - feedback from the body Sound due to guitar Waves on a guitar string
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