I'm looking for an originally German introduction to quantum mechanics. Is there such a canonical book used in German QM undergraduate courses?

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I think a very good orignally german QM book is:

Straumann: "Quantenmechanik: Ein Grundkurs über nichtrelativistische Quantentheorie"

there is also a second volume:

Straumann: "Relativistische Quantenfeldtheorie"

Another good book is from G. Grawert: Quantenmechanik

You may also have a look at Thirrings books about QM (it is mathematically more advanced).

I think Straumanns book is not "canonical".

Often used by students are the books by Nolting and Greiner.

From the experimental point of view you may have a look at Demtröders book.


Walter Greiner's first part on Quantum Mechanics