Consider a linear chain of $N$ point masses $m$ connected by linear springs $k$ and fixed at the two ends by rigid walls separated by a distance $L=N\times l$.

If I take the point mass at the center $m_{i}=m_{\frac{N}{2}}$ and pull it by small distance $\delta x$ to the right, and then release, then

(1) How is energy distributed over the normal modes ?

(2) Does this distribution change if energy transfer between modes is allowed via non-linear instead of linear springs ?


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(1): if you solve the linear eigenvalue system of normal modes, you can construct the most general solution as $f \propto \sum_j c_j o_j(t) d_j(x)$ where $o_j(t)$ is the time dependence of mode $j$ and $d_j(x)$ is the spatial dependence. Then at $t=0$ you just do the Fourier transform and find the coefficients $c_j$ that depends on the initial condition distribution. Then, the energy distribution is basically $|c_j|^2$ (normalized such that the sum equals the initial energy content).

(2): if you have non-linear terms in the equation of motion, simply the $c_j$ will be functions of time as well $c_j(t)$, and there will be a "statistical" steady-state, time-averaged, for which the average $c_j$ distribution could be different than the linear one for sure (but what exactly you end up with, depends on the type and strength of non-linear couplings).

  • $\begingroup$ Yes this would simple standard methodology. But I am looking in literature and here for established qualitative knowledge about the expected behaviour before formalising and calculating the problem. For example what sort of dependence should be expected of $k$ and $m$ ? $\endgroup$ Commented Dec 10, 2023 at 10:21
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