In my physics class, we use coefficients of static and kinetic friction to calculate the forces of friction. I was wondering if there are materials such that they have very high coefficients of static friction but very low coefficients of kinetic friction.

$$ F _{k} = F _{n} \cdot \mu _{k} $$

$$ F _{sMax} = F _{n} \cdot \mu _{ s} $$


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From a coefficient of friction table found here, it seems that cast iron on cast iron may fit the bill. The coefficient of static friction is 1.1, but the coefficient of kinetic friction is only 0.15 - it takes more than 7 times as much force to initiate movement between cast iron plates as it does it keep them moving at a constant speed. This is the highest ratio I could find between static and kinetic friction coefficients.


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