I'm simulating on code the tight-binding sp3s* bandstructure of certain semiconductors, such as GaAs, AlP, InP, ZnSe, etc. with spin-orbit coupling at a temperature of $T = 0$ K but I'm having trouble at finding the corresponding spin-orbit splitting parameters.

For example, I've found in this article by Vogl et al (A Semi-Empricial Tight-Binding Theory of the Electronic Structure of Semiconductors) the following relation of spin-orbit parameters:

Electronic structure of semiconductors [Extracted from Vogl et al]

But the temperature is not said anywhere in that article. In fact, the tight binding parameters without spin-orbit coupling depend a lot on the temperature. At this point, the only information that is certain for me is the following:

  1. At $T = 300$ K the desired parameters appear in this article by Klimeck et al: sp3s* Tight-binding parameters for transport simulations in compound semiconductors

  2. At $T = 0$ K I know from chapter 5 of Supriyo Datta's Quantum Transport, Atom to Transistor that the spin-orbit parameters, only for GaAs are $\Delta_a = 0.37$ eV for arsenic and $\Delta_c = 0.013$ eV for gallium. The other semiconductors are not mentioned.

Based on what I've said above, do you know where I could find the spin-orbit splitting parameters for the semiconductors on Table 4 at $T = 0$ K, and if it were possible their dependance with the temperature? Any references will be appreciated.

Thank you very much!



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