Related: why do mirages only appear on hot day?

The title says it all: why does a mirage disappear as you approach it? The related question does not answer this.

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In the textbook mirage, a ray originating in the sky is refracted sufficiently to arrive at your eye from "below" so that it appear to come from the ground.

Now, if we put your eye at a height $h$ and look to see if a mirage appears at a distance $d$ in front of you that light ray has to refract through an angle slightly more than $\theta = \arctan \frac{h}{d}$. We you look at a close spot (or move toward the "location" of the mirage, $d$ gets smaller and $theta$ gets larger. For any given temperature gradient there is a maximum angle at which the ray still originates from the sky and therefore a minimum distance at which you still see the mirage.

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