I'm trying to understand the physical significance/interpretation of the various parts of the stress-energy-momentum tensor. The book I'm using is The Classical Theory of Fields, by Landau and Lifshitz.

On page 80 of my edition (requires login):


there seems to be an error in this remark, but I'm not 100% certain:

Thus we arrive at the important conclusion that the requirements of relativistic invariance, as expressed by the tensor character of the quantities Tik, automatically lead to a definite connection between the energy flux and the momentum flux: the energy flux density is equal to the momentum flux density multiplied by c^2.

As I read it, both items which I rendered in bold in the above quote should be changed to read momentum density. Am I correct, or have I strayed into the wilderness?

Please note that in the text the momentum density is noted on the page previous to the one cited above, page 79:



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You're correct; looking at the 2000 edition on Amazon (page 85 by searching for momentum density in the Look Inside feature) that section has been updated to read momentum density.


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