If we put a dielectric material in region where an electric field $\vec E_0$ is present then, the fields that are present within the dielectric are: $\vec E$,$\vec P$,$\vec D$ .

$\vec E$ is the electric field, which generated from the bound and free charges within the dielectric. I didn't know that in a dielectric we can have free charges but apparently we do.

$\vec P$ is the polarisation field generated from the electric dipoles within the dielectric.

$\vec D$ is the dielectric field, and it's a result of the free charges within the material.

If we also consider the external electric field $\vec E_0$, I want to know how all these 4 fields are related to each other and how are they oriented, in the simple case of a 1D representation, example: Dielectric between 2 conductive plates.


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