Recently I stumbled upon the topic of superconducting magnetic energy storage. One of the limits on the maximum amount of energy that can be stored in such systems, is imposed by the fact that magnetic field created during the operation acts on the superconductor and creates mechanical stress and, if forces are too great they rip the conductor apart. One can work around this problem by optimizing the geometry of the superconductor, and modern designs do indeed decrease the forces acting on the material, but do not remove the problem completely. Yet there is a reference to a paper from 1961 by A. A. Kuznetsov in "Soviet Physics, Technical Physics", No. 6, which, apparently, proposes a force-free design. I was not able to access it, so my question is: how does this force-free design look like? Are there any other interesting design options, not necessarily practical, for the reduction of mechanical stress?


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