I'm looking for a graduate-level reference about Elastodynamics.

If possible i would prefer it mainly rooted in vector notation better than Einstein notation (although i understand some proofs will be inevitabily carried out with this latter notation i guess).

Rigorous approach is best, with little intuitive notes is super.


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For general reference, I would suggest:

  • Graff, K. F. (2012). Wave motion in elastic solids. Courier Corporation. This book it's a good starting point since it first presents the wave motion in simpler setups such as strings and rods and moves towards three-dimensional solids.

  • Achenbach, J. (1975). Wave propagation in elastic solids. Elsevier. This book starts from the elasticity equations and moves from there. This is a "must-read" reference for some people.

On more advanced topics, I suggest:

  • Auld, B. A. (1973). Acoustic fields and waves in solids. Рипол Классик. This is one of the best references that I have found when studying elastodynamics in anisotropic solids.

  • Carcione, J. M. (2007). Wave fields in real media: Wave propagation in anisotropic, anelastic, porous and electromagnetic media. Elsevier. Besides anisotropic solids, this book considers anelastic media. Auld's book might be difficult to find, this is a good replacement.


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