The biological definition of 'parastatics' is closest to the general one: relating to mimicry between adjacent species. There is likewise a systems definition regarding one system compensating for a weakness in another. And there is a genetic definition. The noun is also used: 'parastasis'.

I first noticed the term in a 60-year-old Polish text (parastatyce) where the reference is to relativity or the quantum.

But although I see the term in physics and math-for-physics abstracts (for example) I cannot find a definition. Google search is somewhat 'contaminated' by the presence of a band of this name. (Just as: searchers for data on 'ceramite' will have to negotiate endless references to a fantasticated material of the same name in a certain gaming universe. Plus what seems to be a trademark issue.)


I suspect in Physics it is a typo for parastatistics, let through by the spell checker because of the biological usage

Take for example https://arxiv.org/abs/math/0207085 where parastatics appears in the abstract but not in the article or references, while parastatistics appears three times in the article and three times in the references

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    $\begingroup$ Furthermore, this paper and this paper, which share Muslih as an author, both mention "parastatics" but cite a paper on parastatistics, for example. $\endgroup$ Jul 26 at 23:31

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