In a typical Hydrogen Refueling network (Example); Hydrogen is

  1. Produced via electrolysis at 20-30 bar
  2. Compressed to 150 - 250 bar and stored in Low Pressure (LP) Storage
  3. loaded onto a hydrogen tube trailer, transported to site and stored in Low Pressure (LP) Storage
  4. Further compressed to 900-1,000 bar and stored in temporary High Pressure (HP) storage
  5. Precooled to -40c then fed to the Hydrogen Dispenser at 700 bar with a flow rate of ~3.6kg/min

Questions I had were

  1. Assuming ambient temperature of 20c, Roughly how long will it take after compression for the temperature of hydrogen in both LP and HP storage to equalize with ambient temperature.
  2. How does the Hydrogen pressure drop from 900 - 1,000 bar to 700 bar between steps 4 & 5?
  3. Why does the Hydrogen need to be cooled to -40c before being dispensed into a vehicle in step 5?
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