I've this question

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When asked I was told that we will balance force for $2m$ object

i.e., $(2\mu)2mg=Kx$

And we will conserve energy for $m$ mass

i.e., $Fx=\frac{1}{2}kx^2+\mu mgx$

Both the blocks are attached to the same spring so why is it wrong to balance forces for both the masses. I want to know why can't we do vice versa rather how does the solution work

I am not asking for calculations or answer to a homework question but asking for a concept involved.

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The question specifically says that $F$ is the minimum force needed to move the $2m$ mass. As the spring extends by a length $x_{\circ}$, the smaller mass $m$ has an acceleration due to the net force provided $F$, friction and spring force.

As no data about the acceleration is provided in the question we cannot balance any force equation for mass $m$ without knowing its acceleration.


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