I know that warp-drives are just a theory and that they would require exotic mass (that is also a theoretical material), but, as said in this video, after some re-calculations, it was theorised that we may be able to do it with magnetic emitters, that are semi-exotic.

"5 Advanced Space Drives (That May Or May Not Work) | Answers With Joe": https://youtu.be/JgGAauWqFFM?t=745

And so, I was wondering why the scientist suggested to shape the warp bubble in a tridimensional object (a thorus).

For the little I know (and it is probably incorrect), our universe has 4 dimensions, right?

And so, wouldn't require even less energy if we shaped the shape of the warp bubble in 4 dimensions?

I mean, even though we can't quite imagine a 4th dimension, we can calculate it. In fact, our communications are coded using the dimensions calculations so we don't lose data while sending it. Could this be used to facilitate a warp bubble?

"Spheres and Code Words - Numberphile": https://youtu.be/T46FTuHnbvY?list=PLt5AfwLFPxWIADnHfNnF_GbU43NnMKsN2

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    $\begingroup$ everything is 4-dimensional. The 4th one is time. How long between building the warp drive and accidentally crashing it into a stellar tree? That's how long it is in the time dimension. $\endgroup$ – user253751 Apr 14 at 16:15
  • $\begingroup$ @user253751 I see, thanks for clarifiying. $\endgroup$ – Neto Ananias Apr 14 at 17:59

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