I am reading up on the techniques used in atomic force microscopy (AFM). On the website, nanosurf.com https://www.nanosurf.com/en/support/afm-modes-overview/dynamic-modes#dynamic , phase modulation is stated as a "dynamic force mode" and phase imaging is mentioned as a "phase imaging mode". These are two subsections under "Dynamic Modes".

I assume that phase modulation refers to extracting the phase lag of the probe and using this as a feedback parameter to affect the probe's position. Does this mean that "phase imaging mode" is a type of "phase-modulation based dynamic force mode"? I believe that "dynamic force" mode refers to AFM usage where there is a variable force upon the probe from the sample.

Sorry if the answer to my question is in the link that I sent. I was unable to resolve my question on that website.

Thank you


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