Khan acacademy says:

magnetic force is a force that arises due to interacting magnetic fields.

This statement is confusing me.I know moving charges produce magentic field around them which can be represented by magentic field lines.

If I consider them analogous to electric field lines then they should represent force experienced by a moving charge (having negligible magnetic field ie an entity similar to test charge) in the vicinity of another moving charge with significant magentic field.

Thus the statement Khan academy seems redundant, to me field represent force not the other way around.

But then I encountered another confusion ; a moving charge in magentic field experience a force perpendicular to the field and not tangent to field lines( as should be the case according to my analogue)

So is my analogy wrong downright or the test like entity I am assuming is not a moving charge but something like a minimagent? If my analogue can be corrected plz tell so.

Also can there be a more advanced reasoning for the magnetic force arising due to interacting magnetic fields which I am unaware of?


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