String theory predicts the following massless fields: $G_{\mu\nu}(X)$, $B_{\mu\nu}(X)$ and $\Phi(X)$.

I understand that when one reduces to $4$-D then the $G_{\mu\nu}(X)$ is the spin-$2$ field of the spacetime metric and $\Phi(X)$ is the spin-$0$ dilaton field.

I also understand that the Kalb-Ramond field $B_{\mu\nu}(X)$ generalizes the electromagnetic potential for strings.

The post What is the spin of the Kalb-Ramond field? claims that in $4$-D the $B_{\mu\nu}(X)$ field could be decomposed into $6$ spin-$1$ fields and $21$ spin-$0$ fields.

Can the spin-$1$ fields be identified with the electroweak force?


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