when looking at Shockleys ideal diode equation I wonder what "meaning" the temperature has in there?

If I assume $$I(T) = I_0 \left(\exp \left( \frac{U}{k_BT/q}\right)-1 \right)$$

and vary the temperature (250K,300K,350K -> blue, yellow,red) I'll see exactly the opposite trend of what I would've expected. I expect that at higher temperature the diode will start to conduct at lower voltages, but the opposite is given by Shockleys equation. What am I missing here?

Shockley diode temperature


  • $\begingroup$ No ideas? I am quite sure the Shockley equation is "wrong", at least it gives the wrong temperature dependency - but why is it never noted or discussed? Here a measured IV-curve for comparison: meettechniek.info/active/diodc-images/… $\endgroup$ – Nikolaij Nov 4 '20 at 19:35

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