I am undertaking a module in nanosurfaces and I was unaware that I would require some knowledge in Crystallography. The information that I must know regarding this area are Miller indices, Symmetries, Bracket conventions, so that I can answer some example questions such as:

  • sketch for a face-centred cubic structure the (100), (110) and (111) planes and identify their in-plane symmetries
  • draw the (0001) plane of a hexagonal structure with the principal in-plane directions of type <1-100> and <-2110>;
  • sketch the (210) plane of a simple cubic structure and calculate its angle to the (100) plane? Remind yourself of the Ewald sphere construction for reciprocal space and diffraction.

What are the best sources of information for Crystallography? What books would you recommend? I have come across books such as :

  • The basics of crystallography and diffraction by C. Hammond ;
  • Fundamentals of Crystallography by Carmelo Giacovazzo;
  • Crystallography made crystal clear by Gale Rhodes.

Would any of these be good for the information I need?


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I personally used The basics of crystallography and diffraction by C. Hammond in conjunction with my material science class and the book did a more than outstanding job in explaining the basic concepts that you would like to know.


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