Say I have a standard 20lb propane tank. I want to put a protective cover over it, to shelter it from weather. Can I use a cover that is black or dark colored? Is that dangerous or will it put me at risk?

Most covers seem to be made from leather, polyester, or cotton/oxford cloth.

Various sites will tell you to not paint the tank a dark color. The NFPA 58 standard seems to suggest painting the tank "a heat-reflective color, such as white".

But that's talking about the tank itself. If the tank is covered in cloth, will the color make a difference? Would a black cover be safe while out of direct sunlight, but dangerous in direct sun?

I have looked at some related questions about cloth color and heat, but I'm not sure if they apply, as a propane tank is different from a human body.


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Black absorbs (and emits) radiation more than white or pail colours. It would probably be dangerous to use a black cloth in direct sunlight, but if not in direct sunlight the colour of the cloth will make very little difference, if any.


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