In this paper https://inspirehep.net/literature/152400, in eq.(3.4), it claims that

the MAC (most attractive channel) in $SU(4)$ gauge theory will attract

fermions in $[1]_4$


fermions in $[3]_4$

to form a bonus state: a Dirac fermion.

question 1 --- It looks that $[1]_4$ and $[3]_4$ both have fermionic statistics, would the bound states should be bosonic statistics? (Is there a mistake?)

about the composite fermion,

I was wondering whether the

question 2 --- $$[1]_4 [3]_4 \sim [1]_4 \times [3]_4\sim [4]_4$$ should be a boson, rather than a Dirac fermion as a spacetime spinor?

question 3 --- $$[0]_4 [1]_4 [3]_4 \sim [0]_4 \times [1]_4 \times [3]_4 \sim [0]_4 [4]_4$$ should be a Weyl fermion as a spacetime spinor?

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