The phase diagram of He-3 is well known at this point, with a clear superfluid phase, gas phase, and "normal" Fermi liquid phase (see below from Wikipedia):

phase diagram of He-3, from Wikipedia

However, the majority of the discussion on the phase diagram is either experimental or thermodynamic in nature. Are there any references that attempt to theoretically construct the He-3 phase diagram via Landau-Fermi liquid theory? I.e., I am looking for publications/articles/reviews that accurately "map out" the He-3 phase diagram by Fermi liquid theory alone; showing that, for certain temperatures and pressure ranges, Fermi liquid theory breaks down and a gaseous or superfluid state must emerge. For example, can one predict the exact T & P values for which Landau-Fermi liquid theory no longer works and the superfluid emerges?


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