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Specular or Diffuse Reflection? In this image attached, I have a bulb overhead. The streak of light is the specular reflection of the bulb since I can see an image of it. Does this mean that specular reflection relative to the observer does not cause absorption? Also, does the rest of the color of the bottle a result of diffuse reflection?

  • $\begingroup$ Specular reflection does not cause absorption (or non-absorption). Maybe you can clarify your question a bit more so we know what you want to understand. Light incident on a material can either be absorbed (energy bumps electron into higher orbit, or converts to heat), or scattered (reflected or transmitted). Then, the scattering can have diffuse and/or specular components. Is your question really "why is the 'image' I see of the bulb on the bottle white, but the rest of the bottle is blue?" $\endgroup$ – Sean Skelly Jul 2 at 22:30

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